मम जीवनस्य मुख्यं उद्देश्यं यत्
भारतस्य महापवित्रभूमिस्य सर्वाणि नद्यः स्वच्छानि अबाधितानि च प्रवहन्ति।.

I am always ready with my body, mind and wealth for the revival of Indian rivers. My objective is to help in making the rivers clean and uninterrupted under the Water Vision 2047 of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi on completion of 100 years of India's independence with the cooperation of society and government. Through my river rejuvenation efforts, I also aim to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals related to rivers, water and environment set by the United Nations. This work is difficult but not impossible. Let us all together make the rivers of India clean and uninterrupted.

Raman Kant

Riverman of India

Raman had the opportunity to meet the Hon'ble President of India, Mrs. Draupadi Murmu along with Mr. Manu Gaur, Founder of TAXAB, on 28th December 2023. On this occasion, Raman gave detailed information to the Hon'ble President about the BHARTIYA NADI PARISHAD (Indian River Council) and the work they have been doing in the field of river rejuvenation for the last 22 years. The Hon'ble President supported their work and said that today there is a need to do river rejuvenation work, and extended her very best wishes to them.


During the last 22 years of work, Raman has received various local, national awards.


A working warrior, Mr. Savji Dholakia alias Kaka, who could spend his whole life sitting comfortably if he wanted

Today preparations were made for planting trees in the empty lands on the banks of hindon and its tributaries.

A meeting was held with GIZ India Project Director.

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