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For river rejuvenation, some works are done with immediate impact and some with long term impact. Raman is doing three types of work in the field of river rejuvenation - groundwork, research work and policy work.

Raman started his efforts to change the feeling of despair towards small rivers in the country into hope in the year 2006 by doing a technical study of the Hindon River and doing a trek on it. Based on ground experiences of river trekking and technical study, a map of Hindon and its tributaries was prepared, which is used today at all government and non-government levels. During this period, the origins and flow paths of the Hindon and all its tributaries Kali West, Krishna, Nagdeh, Pavdhoi, Chhajjewali, Peerwali, Barsani, Sapolia, Peerwali and Andhakundi were discovered.

In the year 2012, Raman completed the technical study of the East Kali River, the main tributary of Ganga, in collaboration with WWF. In the year 2016, the origin of East Kali River was identified in Antwada village of Muzaffarnagar district. With the cooperation of society and administration, 15 hectares of land at the river source was freed from encroachment and the river source was revived by constructing a lake here. At present there is 15 feet of water here. Due to these efforts, East Kali and Hindon rivers were included in the Namami Gange scheme. Due to the efforts made for the East Kali River, Raman was given the National Water Award in the year 2020 by the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India.

After finding the origin of NEEM River, the main tributary of Kali River East, in Dattayana village of Hapur district, about 8 hectares of land was freed from the river and a lake was constructed there with the help of society and administration. At present there is about 10 feet of water at the source of NEEM River. The successful efforts made for the revival of NEEM River source were also appreciated by the Honorable Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi in the 102nd episode of his ‘Mann Ki Baat’ program on June 18, 2023.

My River-My Initiative program has been run by Raman for the revival of rivers. Based on our river rejuvenation experiences of the last two decades, Raman has prepared a ten-point river rejuvenation model. Based on this model, any small and rainy river can be revived in five to ten years. This river rejuvenation model is being implemented by various river activists and governments in the country on dozens of rivers like Kanhan, Karvan, Morva, Noon South and Aril.

Raman has been made Hindon Water Keeper in 2017 by Waterkeeper Alliance, a worldwide organization working for the rivers of USA, based on his river rejuvenation experiences. Apart from this, advisor to East Kali River Waterkeeper has also been appointed.

Raman, in collaboration with the Uttar Pradesh government, has prepared the draft of the River Policy of Uttar Pradesh with the help of policy makers and subject experts of the country. Uttar Pradesh is the first state in India which is moving forward to formulate its own river policy.

BHARTIYA NADI PARISHAD has been formed by Raman to bring together the river rejuvenation efforts being made in different parts of the country and take the work forward with mutual efforts. In this, all the river lovers of the country have become partners and are cooperating with each other. BHARTIYA NADI PARISHAD has been formed to provide a platform to all the river activists of the country to address the frustrations arising from small rivers in the country. A portal called NADI DARSHAN is also being developed with the BHARTIYA NADI PARISHAD to understand the entire river system of the country. In view of his life dedicated to the cause of rivers, Raman has been called the Riverman of India by the society.

For the last one and a half decade, work is being done with focus on river rejuvenation. During this period, river awareness campaigns and seminars have been conducted in every village. River ambassadors have been appointed and river committees have been formed in the villages along the riverbanks. A river council is being formed for each river which is taking all the decisions regarding its own rivers.

A river rejuvenation model has been developed by Raman based on his experiences of river rejuvenation. This has been named Raman River rejuvenation Model (RRRM). Dozens of river activists and organizations working for river rejuvenation in different states of the country are implementing this model for their rivers.

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